Our partners are so important to us. Each have their own individual mission, but collectively we share the purpose of bettering the lives of those suffering through an illness or dealing with the grief of losing a loved one. 


The Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation (CTCACF) is a Canadian organization that raises funds to support childhood cancer charities and programs.  It does not operate any of these programs or services directly, but rather raises funds through a variety of events (e.g Tour for Kids, the Inside Ride, Sears National Ride).  100% of all dollars CTCACF raises flow through to various childhood cancer charities whose programs are aimed at improving the survival rate and quality of life of children impacted by cancer.  The 3 areas of programming include: transition and survivorship programs that provide ongoing treatment and support for children with cancer; research programs that explore treatments for childhood cancers; and, education programs that fund greater collaboration and information-sharing among oncologists.

The Lighthouse for Grieving Children is another charity that the Bal chooses to support because the "destination beyond cancer" sometimes results in the loss of someone dear.  The loss of a mother, father, brother or sister is considered a life-altering death for a child - a loss that brings about a major change to the fundamental structure of a family unit.  The loss of someone so close changes the entire family and will affect a child's life forever.  It is for this reason the Lighthouse program is so important - it provides children with a forum for companionship and provides a community of support from those who understand the impacts of such a loss. The journey of acceptance and healing takes time, space and understanding - all of which the Lighthouse program provides so beautifully.   There is no cost to families who participate because of the generous contributions/donations from corporations, foundations, service clubs as well as donations from private individuals and families.

When you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, you hope for a cure, but you can't wait for one...you need to cope with cancer today. Wellspring Birmingham Gilgan House understands how devastating a cancer diagnosis can be, and that more than medical care may be needed.  Wellspring provides a comprehensive range of support programs, designed to address the emotional, psychological, educational and rehabilitation needs of cancer patients and their caregivers.   Programs include individual and group support, coping skills, expressive therapies, educational workshops/presentations, and cancer rehab programs, as well as a variety of support and educational programming specifically for children and their parents.  Wellspring charges no fees and requires no medical referral.  No government or other core funding is received, so all the programs and operations are made possible by generous donors.

Kerr Street Mission was introduced at Bal de Neige 2017. The efforts of Kerr Street Mission focuses on helping the community of Oakville care for low-income and at-risk families and youth efficiently and effectively. Their ultimate mission is to assist them in reaching a healthier and more sustainable situation. A particular focus is on programming and programs for youth at risk. 

ArtHouse was introduced at Bal de Neige 2018. ArtHouse levels the artistic playing field by providing accessible and innovative cost-free extra-curricular arts programs led by professional instructors for children and youth aged 7-17. Young people that may not have access to fee-related programs are considered first through the ArtHouse Front of the Line Program Registration Policy. ArtHouse Programs can hold the key for vulnerable children and youth,for those who may need to seek a secure, friendly, supportive and safe haven, to deal better with stress, anxiety, feelings of alienation, social and academic pressures – there are strong measurable outcomes demonstrating that participation in the arts supports positive mental health and social inclusion and improves communication and social skills and an ability to overcome difficulties in a non-competitive environment