Le Dome Banquet Hall

1173 North Service Road, Oakville, Ontario L6H 1A7.  

Phone: (905) 842-8770.

What can I expect the event program to look like?

  • 6:00 pm Bar and Silent Auction opens

  • 7:00 pm Dinner

  • 8:30 pm Speeches

  • 9:00 pm Dancing

  • 9:30/10:00 Silent Auction Closes

  • 1:00 am Evening Ends

Do I need to wear a costume?

No, but most people wear some sort of theme attire.  Some will be in full costume, others will wear gala type clothing. Whatever you decide to wear, prepare to have fun and dance the night away!

I didn’t receive a ticket. What do I do?

Absolutely nothing! We do not issue tickets. Once payment is received you are added to our master list of attendees.

How will I know where I am sitting?

The seating assignment chart will be on the dance floor - look for the balloons!  Also, a few of our greeters will have a list on-hand.

How many people to a table?

Tables seat ten with a few spots for tables of twelve. But, if you don’t have a full table, join us anyway.  We’ll find some great people to put you with and you’ll have a blast.

What’s on the menu for dinner?

         To be determined. Guaranteed to be delicious. 

Do you serve vegetarian meals?

          We can provide vegetarian if ordered at least one week in advance of the Bal.

Will I need cash?

YES! You will need cash for the bar, raffle and our fundraising games. 

What type of payment do you accept for the different giving activities?


CASH - Fundraising games, raffle, bar

Will I receive a tax receipt for donations?

YES! You will receive a tax receipt for any donation made to the AMPed for Life Fund held at the Oakville Community Foundation.

Will I receive a tax receipt for the cost of my ticket to the event?

NO, you cannot receive a receipt for an amount for which you receive a benefit (ie. a meal and dance).  

Is there free parking and can I leave my car overnight?

YES to both!  Please do not drink and drive. Call an UBER; or, Oakville United Taxi Ltd. at (905) 338-0044; or, AAA Halton Taxi Service Ltd. at (905) 844-4300.